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Do you ever feel like you are constantly running around for your twins and your household, and you just can’t keep up? Maybe like there’s never any time for you and there isn’t a lot of joy in your days? Feel overwhelmed and alone even when your surrounded by your kids and your partner? 

I help twin parents feel strong with each other and sure of themselves while embracing the chaos of raising twins. 

I’m Lindsey Lowrance. I’m a mom of 3 kids- a 5 year old singleton and my twins are  2. I’ve been happily married for over 9 years now. Expecting and having twins definitely threw our relationship through a whirlwind, but we figured out ways to come out even stronger than before. 

Did you know parents of multiples face more stress and divorce than the average population? That’s why I want to help you!

You can enjoy your kids even when there is an overwhelming amount to be done. You can have time with your partner and feel like you both love, support and understand each other, no matter how hard life is. 

My coaching practice and this site are here to share ways to get you to that joyful and connected place with your family. 

Looking for a well-rounded approach to help you with your challenges and take life and happiness to the next level? You may want to work with me!

Stick with me through this journey and together we will work to build up your village of support and help you enjoy your partner and your kids no matter how crazy life is around you. 

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Twin mom wellness coach

Twin mom wellness coach

About Twin Mom's Guide

Twin love, don't stress

Coaching for Twin Parents

Does it feel like no one understands all the challenges you face with raising your twins? Sure, maybe other parents of twins, but there just doesn't seem to be time to connect with them since everyone is so busy in the exhausting twin survival game. 

Want to build up your village and feel supported and understood? Want some tips and ideas for how to make things better? 

I offer twin parent coaching by phone or online video chat to give you the support and guidance you need for a less stressful home life, improved partnership, and confident parenting. 

New mom wellness

I'm a parent of twins too!

I get just how hard it is to raise twins and what kind of strain it often puts on a couple's relationship. The truth is, it doesn't have to be THAT hard! I've gathered ideas and knowledge from many different twin households including my own, and from my professional background as a licensed family therapist to help YOU get to your best self. 

couples parent coaching

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You don't have to do it all alone or suffer in silence, waiting out until your twins are older and it miraculously gets "easier". The challenging times CAN actually strengthen you and your family. 

Best Gift for New Moms!


New Mom Launch Pad

Launching into motherhood is a big deal! Life certainly changes, relationships shift, values become clearer and there is so much to do and to think about when you want what's best for your child. 

Becoming a mom is one of life's greatest and hardest journeys. 

Why go through it alone? 

In the midst of the mommy wars and confusing messages we are bombarded with for best ways to parent, we all could use some parenting support from an expert on how the brain works instead of based on opinions. Why sort through all the overwhelming information and choices alone when you can have support and guidance to find the healthiest, most effective and balanced approaches?

Every new mom can use the warm, caring guidance and supportive education of this New Mom Launch Pad. 

It takes a village to raise kids, but in today's society we are often far from our families or our loved ones are unable to help new parents through the transition in those first few years. So, we go it alone. We often don’t learn about the way children develop or the shifts that happen in our own brain biology like “mommy brain” and the effects of sleep deprivation. 

Start Motherhood Off on the best track

That is why I am offering a New Mom Launch Pad to support you through the transition into parenthood.

In this program we will meet 12 times by phone or live video chat to explore the wheel of wellness for new moms and the personal effects these subjects have on your home, addressing each of these topics:

· sleep, 

· parenting decisions, 

· work-life balance (including stay at home mom duties), 

· how to know if postpartum hormones could be affecting you, 

· cultural and societal expectations impacting parenting and self-care,

· body changes and identity shifts after pregnancy,

· parenting as a team

Let’s get real and talk about those things that come with being a mom that no one ever talks about. Together we can build your village up so that you don’t have to re-create the wheel of parenting all on your own. 

How to support new moms

Ever wonder how you can best support a loved one that is about to have a baby? 

Babies outgrow their clothes and expensive baby gear within months, but moms will never forget their transition into parenting and who was there for them helping guide their way. The first year is such an important time for moms and babies. You can help set them up for a lifetime of success by giving them the skills and support to be healthy and joyful. Beyond giving diapers or sending baby items, give a gift that has lasting impact.

Gifting her this package is a way to show you are there for her and love her, and that you value her whole-being and wellness. More than that, in this crucial first year, you will be helping her and her baby gain vital skills and bonding for success in this complicated world. 


Support her in becoming a mother with these tools and guidance in that first year when it matters most. 

Over a 6 month period she will get 12 coaching sessions for her to use one on one, with baby, or with her partner. Plus she will get weekly email support and access to video interviews with other new mom professionals. Email me today to schedule a free phone consult to learn more about the New Mom Launching Program and if it is right for your love one. 

Added Bonus!

Plus as an added bonus, any mom that signs up will get access to a library of videos with expert discussions to help new moms ease their stress about a variety of topics including breastfeeding, NICU hospital stays, postpartum body recovery, early childhood development and interventions, how acupuncture can help women’s hormones and moods, tips for improved communication in relationships, traveling and camping with a baby, and many more!

Highly Sensitive People


Are you highly sensitive/ empathic/ easily overwhelmed?


Have you noticed that you often can feel how other people around you are feeling? 

Do you notice small details that others may not? 

Do you read into things and think through so many different scenarios that it gets exhausting?

You might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This is a trait that about 20% of the population has to be more aware of their surroundings and think and process information deeply. HSP are usually more cautious and risk adverse. They are also very empathetic and feel emotions more deeply. 

How does this effect parenting?

If you find that you are highly sensitive, that means that you could become easily over-stimulated by your environment. When parenting young children, the noises, messes, big and uncontrollable emotions they have, and their lack of boundaries can impact you heavily. You may find that you feel on edge a lot and can easily get to a big emotional outburst at the drop of a hat. 

HSP moms care so deeply for their families that they frequently put their own needs last, but find that they are losing their temper or bursting into tears unable to handle the chaos when they do that. 

 Self care is even more important for HSPs because they need more down time than the average person. Many of them identify as being introverted and feel highly drained by social activities, parties, or other events with a lot of people and noises. It could take an HSP days to recover afterward. 

If you have more than 1 kid you may find these HSP qualities are showing up even more now. It is harder to get the down time you need, but even more important. Your home has been your sanctuary to help you decompress and find the quiet peace again after sensory overload, but now with kids it may be harder to find the calm that you need. 

Don't worry if this is you. I can help!

 I too am a Highly Sensitive Person and have been learning tips and tricks along the way that helps that overwhelmed feeling. Let's talk. You need support from someone that truly understands your unique struggles. I've got your back. 

From Overwhelm to abundance

 Change the way you think about your overwhelm to find joy and happiness in what you already have in front of you!

Mindset impacts your body and brain's reactions. You can change your reality when you focus your mind. 

Why make due with life as status quo when you can LOVE your joyful and fulfilled life? 

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